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        Baby Bingo Baby Shower Game

Baby Bingo Baby Shower Game

Baby Bingo

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15 Baby Bingo Cards

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These UNIQUE Baby Bingo Cards will add Fun for your Guests during the Gift Opening! Why should the Guest-of-Honor have all the fun? As the Guest-of-honor(s) opens each present, guests "dab" that gift off on their baby Bingo Card. The first to yell "BABY" Wins! Perfect for all Baby Showers! Great Couple's Game! Available in sets of 15 Baby Bingo Cards or 30 Baby Bingo Cards.

How to Play: These "Unique" Bingo Cards consist of pictures of the TOP 12 most common gifts given at a baby shower. As the Guest-of-honor opens a present, guests "dab" the picture of that gift on their Baby Bingo Card. The Object of the game is to spell "Baby" straight across or diagonally. If you would like to play more games, play for two lines and / or full blackout.

Number of Players: 15 Baby Bingo Cards (2 to 15) - 30 Bingo Cards (2 to 30)

Time to play: 10 to 15 minutes depending on how fast the gifts are being opened.

Scoring: The first person to yell out "Baby" Wins!

Winners: 1, 2 or 3.


15 Baby Bingo Cards

Every Day Low Price $5.97

30 Baby Bingo Cards

Every Day Low Price $9.97

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Baby Stuff Game - This Printable Game is Fun for ANY Baby Shower Party! Players must know their Baby and Pregnancy terms to Win this Trivia Game! 3 Games in 1. Crossword, Wordsearch and Scramble.



15 Cards - Every day Low Price - $5.97

30 Cards - Every Day Low Price - $9.97

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